We are known as one of the most eminent Pin Insulators manufacturers in India. The pin insulator that we offer is not only sturdy in build but is highly durable as well. These are made of high quality raw materials which not only give these insulators long life but make them extremely useful for electrical appliances as well. These insulators are made with utmost care and precision since these are intended to support electrical conductors without passing current through themselves.


  • Extra skirts or wide shells to increase the surface distance between the conductor and the pin.
  • High quality porcelain
  • Directly connected to the supporting pole
  • Designed to secure the conductor to itself
  • Has strong threads so that it can be screwed onto the pin


  • Material handling
  • Transmission system
  • Distribution system

  • 230 mm CD
  • 265 mm CD
  • 320 mm CD
  • 540 mm CD

  • 430 mm CD
  • 560 mm CD

  • 580 mm CD
  • 680 mm CD
  • 840 mm CD
  • 900 mm CD
  • 1050 mm CD

# Pin Insulators can also be supplied with Radio Free Glaze


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